This list refers primarily to concert music. For access to music written for various other contexts visit News and Current Events or Past Projects.

Contact me for copies of scores or commissions of new works.

List of Works


E-Motions (c. 5:10) – for guitar, computer, and dance

E-Scape (c. 5:40) – for guitar, accordion, and live visuals

Hold It (c. 7:45) – for piano and dance (version available for solo piano)

Marble (c. 7:40) – for soprano saxophone, violin, flute, live electronics, and reactive lighting.

Narish (c. 7:30) – for solo guitar, live effects processing, and interactive visuals (version available without visuals)

“2 is a Truth” (c. 3:45) – for solo piano and 3D visuals (version available without visuals)

Flicker Too (c. 7:00) – piece for bass clarinet, piano, and MIDI Keyboard controlled lights (version available for bass clarinet and piano) 


Hold It (c. 5:00) – solo piano

Fantasy Suite in Four Movements (c. 10:00) – solo guitar Movements I & II

Recuerdos Del Invierno (Etude in Tremolo) (c. 4:00) – solo guitar

Portrait (c. 7.45) – solo harp

Bad Luck for Rabbits Suite (c. 8:00) – solo piano

Flixuations (c. 2:00) – solo trombone

Five Pieces for Piano (c. 7:00) – solo piano

Three Little Pieces for Harp (c. 5:00) – solo harp

Twelve on a Base (c. 9:00) – solo double bass


Flares (c. 7:10) – soprano saxophone, violin, 2 electric guitars, piano four-hands, drum set, synthesizer, baritone saxophone, and computer

A Bit Here and There (c. 11:40) – soprano saxophone, violin, 2 electric guitars, piano, drum set, synthesizer, baritone saxophone, and computer

From A Porcupine’s Tale Suite (c. 20:53) – 2 guitars (version available for 2 guitars and percussion)

Habrantos No. 1 (c. 7:00) – flute and bassoon

Habrantos No. 2 (c. 5:26) – 2 guitars, trumpet, trombone, and piano

Habrantos No. 3 (c. 8:00) – drum set, trombone, bassoon, and violin

“Why Beauty is Truth”: Dances for Bassoon and Guitar (c. 9:00) – guitar and bassoon

Pharnover Trio (c. 7:00) – electric guitar, trombone, piano, and live electronics

Song for Sax (c. 12:00) – soprano saxophone and live electronics

Carlin Letters (c. 10:00) – three love letters by comedian, George Carlin, set for: baritone voice, viola, and cajon

Phlick (c. 5:00) – bassoon and live elctronics

Frilli (c. 3:00) – viola and piano

Frali (c. 6:00) – viola and piano

Riffing on Ka (c. 6:00) – a piece for improvising ensemble of: soprano saxophone, violin, electric guitar, acoustic bass guitar, and piano

Computer Music:

Supercollider Sonata (8:26) – piece built within Supercollider for computer

Something Funny (3:17) – piece built within Ableton Live for computer

What is Static But The Progression of A Thought (c. 4:04) – piece built within Ableton Live for computer (written to accompany dance)


Film Score (6:42) – chamber orchestra

Guitar Concerto (20:00) – guitar and chamber orchestra

(…) for Orchestra (c. 10:00) – symphony orchestra

Structured Improvisations:

Another Blank (c. 5.20) – guitar, violin, and bass clarinet

Villa-Lobotomy: Improvisation on Villa-Lobos’ Etude No. 1 for Guitar (c. 5.00) – guitar and lead instrument

Low Don’t Mean Slow (c. 15:00) – undetermined ensemble of 5 – 20 musicians

Music for Film:

An Open Letter Score – score to the short film: “An Open Letter to Girls”

Nine Story Mountain Score – score for feature length documentary: “Nine-Story Mountain” Selections from film: The Lake of Compassio

Telematic Music:

Mire Ear Ring (c. 8:00) – piece for network instrument: 12-hands (made up two MIDI Keyboards in different geographic locations, two live processing stations, and two live stereo mixers)


Momma Sed – By: Puscifer – piano, trombone, and preset electronic drum machine

Rondo (Abdelazer) – By: Henry Purcell – solo guitar

21 Guns – By: Green Day – arranged for student ensemble: piano, guitar, synthesizer, drums, bass

Crushcrushcrush – By: Paramore – – arranged for student ensemble: piano, guitar, synthesizer, drums, bass

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