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List of Works


E-Motions (c. 5:10) – for guitar, computer, and dance

E-Scape (c. 5:40) – for guitar, accordion, and live visuals

Hold It (c. 7:45) – for piano and dance (version available for solo piano)

Marble (c. 7:40) – for soprano saxophone, violin, flute, live electronics, and reactive lighting.

Narish (c. 7:30) – for solo guitar, live effects processing, and interactive visuals (version available without visuals)

“2 is a Truth” (c. 3:45) – for solo piano and 3D visuals (version available without visuals)

Flicker Too (c. 7:00) – piece for bass clarinet, piano, and MIDI Keyboard controlled lights (version available for bass clarinet and piano)


Hold It (c. 5:00) – solo piano

Fantasy Suite in Four Movements (c. 10:00) – solo guitar Movements I & II

Recuerdos Del Invierno (Etude in Tremolo) (c. 4:00) – solo guitar

Portrait (c. 7.45) – solo harp

Bad Luck for Rabbits Suite (c. 8:00) – solo piano

Flixuations (c. 2:00) – solo trombone

Five Pieces for Piano (c. 7:00) – solo piano

Three Little Pieces for Harp (c. 5:00) – solo harp

Twelve on a Base (c. 9:00) – solo double bass


Flares (c. 7:10) – soprano saxophone, violin, 2 electric guitars, piano four-hands, drum set, synthesizer, baritone saxophone, and computer

A Bit Here and There (c. 11:40) – soprano saxophone, violin, 2 electric guitars, piano, drum set, synthesizer, baritone saxophone, and computer

From A Porcupine’s Tale Suite (c. 20:53) – 2 guitars (version available for 2 guitars and percussion)

Habrantos No. 1 (c. 7:00) – flute and bassoon

Habrantos No. 2 (c. 5:26) – 2 guitars, trumpet, trombone, and piano

Habrantos No. 3 (c. 8:00) – drum set, trombone, bassoon, and violin

“Why Beauty is Truth”: Dances for Bassoon and Guitar (c. 9:00) – guitar and bassoon

Pharnover Trio (c. 7:00) – electric guitar, trombone, piano, and live electronics

Song for Sax (c. 12:00) – soprano saxophone and live electronics

Carlin Letters (c. 10:00) – three love letters by comedian, George Carlin, set for: baritone voice, viola, and cajon

Phlick (c. 5:00) – bassoon and live elctronics

Frilli (c. 3:00) – viola and piano

Frali (c. 6:00) – viola and piano

Riffing on Ka (c. 6:00) – a piece for improvising ensemble of: soprano saxophone, violin, electric guitar, acoustic bass guitar, and piano

Computer Music:

Supercollider Sonata (8:26) – piece built within Supercollider for computer

Something Funny (3:17) – piece built within Ableton Live for computer


Film Score (6:42) – chamber orchestra

Guitar Concerto (20:00) – guitar and chamber orchestra

(…) for Orchestra (c. 10:00) – symphony orchestra

Structured Improvisations:

Another Blank (c. 5.20) – guitar, violin, and bass clarinet

Villa-Lobotomy: Improvisation on Villa-Lobos’ Etude No. 1 for Guitar (c. 5.00) – guitar and lead instrument

Low Don’t Mean Slow (c. 15:00) – undetermined ensemble of 5 – 20 musicians

Music for Film:

An Open Letter Score – score to the short film: “An Open Letter to Girls”

Nine Story Mountain Score – score for feature length documentary: “Nine-Story Mountain” Selections from film: The Lake of Compassio

Telematic Music:

Mire Ear Ring (c. 8:00) – piece for network instrument: 12-hands (made up two MIDI Keyboards in different geographic locations, two live processing stations, and two live stereo mixers)


Momma Sed – By: Puscifer – piano, trombone, and preset electronic drum machine

Rondo (Abdelazer) – By: Henry Purcell – solo guitar

21 Guns – By: Green Day – arranged for student ensemble: piano, guitar, synthesizer, drums, bass

Crushcrushcrush – By: Paramore – – arranged for student ensemble: piano, guitar, synthesizer, drums, bass

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