As a musician, composer, and technologist, I offer a wide range of services.

Please contact me if you are interested in any of my services listed below.


Visit my composition page for detailed examples of my work.


Visit my performance page for more examples of my playing.


Outside of composition and performance, I also work in score preparation of various types: Arranging, Orchestration, Transcription, Engraving, and Music Editing.

Some examples of my work:

Is All Not One? – A transcription of a improvised piece, then arranged for various ensembles.

Lamento De La Frontera – Orchestral Score editing and preparation for composer, Michael John Wiley Gottfried

The Bigger They Are The Harder They Fall – arrangement, orchestration, and score preparation for broadway reading.

Check out my Arrangement/Orchestration page for more examples.

Music Lessons and Classes

I am available to teach music lessons in guitar, composition, improvisation, electronic music, banjo, and ukulele. For more information, visit my teaching page.

Audio Engineering – Live Sound, Recording, and Mixing

Beyond composing and performing, I also work as a freelance audio engineer. I have experience in Live Sound (working with various mixing systems – Behringer, Midas, Yamaha, etc); Studio Recording – working with various DAWs, consoles, and interfaces; and post production mixing and editing.

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