Anthony Caulkins - composer, musician, & music technologist



As a musician, composer, and technologist, I offer a wide range of services.

Please contact me if you are interested in any of my services listed below.


I am available to compose and arrange music for solo artists and ensembles of any size and instrumentation. I have experience composing and arranging for new music ensembles, film, dance, jazz bands, rock bands, indie bands, electronic musicians, classical ensembles, and singer-songwriters.

Check out my composition and Bandcamp pages for examples of my work.


I am available to perform on guitar and computer in a variety of contexts. My primary act is a solo electronic rock act under my name, Anthony Catkins. I am also experienced as pit orchestra musician for musical theater, a jazz guitarist, a classical guitarist, and computer musician. Check out my performance page for various examples of my playing.

Musical Score Creation and Editing

I am available for musical score creating, editing, and copying. I am comfortable working in multiple modes of notation, classical, contemporary, jazz, etc.

Some examples of scores I’ve produced:


Pharnover Trio


Is All Not One (Quartet)


Check out my composition page for more examples.

Music Lessons and Classes

I am available to teach music lessons in guitar, composition, improvisation, electronic music, and ukulele. For more information, check out my teaching page.

Live and Studio Audio/Video Recording

I am available for both studio and live recordings.