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Music In Mind – Episode 5: Interactive Music Systems

by anthonycaulkinsmusic

In this episode, I discuss some of my thoughts regarding the movement towards creating interactive and artificially intelligent music systems.

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Random Drummer

by anthonycaulkinsmusic

click image to access Max patch

(samples needed for patch)


This patch deals with randomness and probabilities to create constantly changing drum rhythms over a backing track.

In order for the patch to work properly, you will need to download this zipped file of samples and direct Max file directory to the folder containing the samples.

Drones, Scratches, and Quizzles

by anthonycaulkinsmusic

click image to access Max patch


This patch is an early example of using control functions to create a constantly evolving texture, with three possible sound types: drones, scratch sounds, and quizzles (whatever those are!).

The programming for this patch is based heavily on Chris Dorbrian’s work on control functions as recognizable shapes:

NOTE: To access the above shown interface, open the patch in presentation view.

Songs for a New Era

Songs For a New Era is my most recent project. For the past seven years, or so, I have worked hard at academic composition, so I figured that it was time for a change. This project is an electronic rock show that integrates improvisation, songwriting, and interactive computer technologies.



GLIT is an industrial hip-hop duo, featuring Richard Savery and Anthony Caulkins. After completing their degrees at UC Irvine, Richard and Anthony began experimenting with integrating the sounds of noisehop into their own performance practices of jazz and heavy metal. Through this they have developed a dance based style of music with a dark and noisy soundscape.

The Real Pretenders


The Real Pretenders is a dark indie duo featuring Anna Savery and Anthony Caulkins. Through this collaboration, we explore the acoustic worlds of beauty and ugliness using original and cover songs.

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